January 20, 2021

MDHearingAid Reviews - Best Hearing Aids 2021 and Online Hearing Test Review by FitLivings

MDHearingAid review. Latest information on MDHearingAid models, prices, coupons, free online hearing test and where to buy the best hearing aids 2021.

This is the 2021 updated report on MDHearingAid reviews and free online hearing test available at MDHearingAid.com.

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MDHearingAid is a reputable company that provides affordable solutions to people with hearing impairments. They have a huge variety of affordable hearing aids on their official website from where you can pick any one that best fits your interests. For a limited time only, all devices by MDHearingAid are available for sale at a discounted price currently..

Contrary to its competitor companies, MDHearingAid works on finding real solutions for people who cannot hear like a healthy individual. Every device comes with multiple features, which can benefit users from multiple aspects. But how to be sure if buying hearing aids online is a good idea? Can you trust MDHearingAids and invest your money in it? More importantly, what to do if this product fails to help you?

Read this detailed MDHearingAid review to know about the models, specifications, refund policy, free online hearing test, and where to buy MDHearingAid hearing aids at the best prices.

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MDHearingAid Review 2021 - What to Know About the Company

You might have heard the name of MDHearingAid before because it has been around for over a decade. With a family of more than 500,000 users in the U.S. alone, they make one of the most advanced and easy-to-use hearing devices programmed and designed by a certified audiologist.

This company is based in Southfield, MI, and has a fully established website, address, and contact information that can be accessed at mdhearingaid.com. It aims to help people suffering from partial or complete hearing loss by offering them affordable high-tech hearing devices that improve their quality of life.

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A List of Top MDHearingAid Products

MDHearingAid sells several different hearing aids, parts, and accessories that a weak hearing person may need. The top four MDHearing Aid products which are highly popular among the public as evident in the MDHearingAid customer reviews are listed below.

  • MDHearingAid PRO

Let’s start with a classic device, MDHearingAid PRO, an analog model, and the company’s most selling product. It has over 70,000 users and multiple positive MDHearingAid PRO reviews all of which are extremely satisfactory. It is a simple, easy to use, and affordable device that works well for everyone.

All orders of the PRO model come with two easily adjustable settings for the audio. It has an interesting option called “fat loss,” which is best for people who cannot hear any sound frequencies. The “sloping loss,” another feature, is ideal for people who cannot hear the high-frequency sounds.

MDHearingAid PRO is best for everyday use as it kills the surrounding sounds, making it easy for the user to hear well. However, it may not work well in highly noisy places and public crowds like concerts. Every order of this device contains a protective case and batteries. If you buy a pair, you will get a one-year-long protection plan, saving more money.

MDHearingAid PRO device has no option for customization and is more of a standard product. But you don’t have to spend time to schedule an appointment, pay the fees and wait for a hearing analysis before buying it. It is more of a generalized product that has no side effects or MDHearingAid Pro complaints so far.

All orders of MDHearingAid PRO are sold with a doorstep delivery option.

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  • MDHearingAid AIR

    This is a sleek, high-quality, and almost invisible hearing aid based on state-of-the-art digital technology. If you are wearing an MDHearingAid AIR, others might not even notice it while talking to you.

    It comes with three practical audio settings, “Quiet, Social, and Noisy,” which you can change as per your surroundings. If you are looking for something which cancels the noise better than the PRO model, nothing is better than MDHearingAid AIR. You can use it in casual conversations, meetings, class, and even in large public settings.

    It is extremely comfortable and comes with a feedback cancellation option. Moreover, this hearing aid doesn’t need a customized fitting because it fits everyone. If you are using the MDHearingAid PRO before and want to upgrade your device, this can be your next step, directly purchased online. It comes with a protective covering and batteries to operate it in addition to an MDHearingAid AIR user manual. 

    • MDHearingAid VOLT

      Here comes a twist; MDHearingAid VOLT is not battery operated but a rechargeable hearing aid that can save the time and effort to buy and change batteries every other month. It has a built-in charging slot, and investing in this device can save a lot of money and time.

      If you charge it once, this device will last for one day (24 hours). It will neither lose power nor turn off to save power while inactive. The charger for this device is added with every order, and you don’t have to buy anything extra for it. MDHearingAid VOLT reviews suggest that it is possible to put VOLT on the magnetic charger all night and use it the next day without any problem.

      Like other models, it also possesses a highly advanced noise reduction feature in addition to dual-directional microphones that can identify different sounds. This small and lightweight device will only enhance selective sounds for the user and cancel the background sounds. It also has feedback cancellation features that disable all annoying sounds while interacting with any other person using a hearing machine.

      MDHearingAid VOLT can be the best option for a user who wants a customized audio machine and doesn’t want to change batteries now and then. You can use it anywhere, from home to public settings, watch TV, talk to a friend, conduct an online video call, or enjoy hanging out at a public place because VOLT is there to cover everything. For those who are worried about understanding how this device works, it comes with an MDHearingAid VOLT manual for easy assistance.

      • MDHearingAid CORE

        Next in line is the LifeEar CORE by MDHearingAid, an advanced machine that can connect to any digital device. It is probably the most ‘controllable’ device made by the MDHearingAid Company that can connect to smartphones, laptops, or tablets via Bluetooth. Like other models, it is also adjustable. You can use any of the four audio settings as per your surroundings.

        Like VOLT, MDHearingAid CORE also comes with two-directional microphones to identify the sounds and enhance what the user needs to hear while suppressing all other sounds. It has a feedback cancellation option and is best to use in homes, offices, and all public settings.

        Note that this device is compatible with both Android and IOS systems. The MDHearingAid CORE reviews from customers are extremely positive and speak volumes about its efficacy.

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        Where To Buy MDHearingAid Devices For The Best Price?

        You will be surprised to see that MDHearingAid is affordable than other companies using similar technology. There are no hidden or extra charges, and you will only pay the price mentioned on its website.

        All orders for these devices can be placed on the company’s official website, mdhearingaid.com. The company is offering discounts and price cuts for those ordering in bulk.

        Here is a simple price breakup for MDHearingAid devices

        • MDHearingAid PRO- $199.99 for one device and $399.99 if you buy two.

        • MDHearingAid AIR - $399.99 for one device and $799.99 if you buy two.

        • MDHearingAid VOLT - $599.99 for one device and $1199.99 if you buy two.

        • LifeEar CORE- 799.99 for one device and $1599.99 if you buy two.

        These are the standard company prices, but it doesn’t mean you have to pay this exact amount. Here is the catch. The company offers discounts and deals from time to time, and if you purchase these devices during an offer, you may save up to $400 on purchasing them. It means you will be paying only 1/3rd of the real price but get the original product.

        To avoid getting into any MDHearingAid scam case, only place an order through its official website. Remember that the company takes no responsibility for any counterfeit or fake products if you order through any unofficial reseller.

        Start by taking a hearing test today. MDHearingAid provides a free online hearing test for consumers. Visit this link to start your hearing test online.

        Is MDHearingAid Legit? Quick Evaluation of its Key Features

        To evaluate if MD Hearing Aid products are worth a purchase or not, mentioned below are their pros and cons.


        According to the official website, the MDHearingAid products can be a viable option for its potential users due to the following key features:

        • Easy to use, easy to order, and doorstep delivery

        • Transparency in price, no hidden charges

        • Much affordable than other devices

        • Connectivity with smartphones

        • Wide variety of options

        • Positive MDHearingAid customer reviews

        • Highly customizable

        • A responsive customer care line

        • Some insurance plans might cover it.


        The cons of MDHearingAid products are limited to:

        • Added price for a protection plan

        • No live chat

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        MDHearingAid Reviews - Final Verdict

        Finding a perfect hearing aid that is neither expensive nor impractical is a challenging thing. Thanks to MDHearingAid, patients can now be relieved to find various hearing aids for an affordable price. There are four top-selling machines made by MDHearingAid, which are highly adjustable, customizable, easy to use, and one of them is rechargeable. You don’t require a prescription to buy any hearing device from this company because they are designed to target up to 90% of the patients by offering maximum benefits in one machine.

        You can choose anyone from the four models, all of which completely justify their price. Each order is backed up with a 45-day guarantee and free-replacing offer in case of damage or fault.

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        MDHearingAid Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions

        • How Many Hearing Aids Do You Need?

        Typically, one hearing aid is enough for a person, especially when the damage is mild. Still, buying the MDHearingAid products in pairs is a better idea because you can hear from both ears instead of one. It makes hearing better and more effortless. Besides, buying a pair from the official website gives a discount on the original price too. Start by taking a hearing test online, provided by MDHearingAid here.

        • Can You Get Tinnitus from Hearing Aids?

        It is a common myth that wearing a hearing aid subjects a person to various problems, including tinnitus. You may not know this, but tinnitus is linked with neural damage caused by loud noise, trauma, or inflammation. Hearing aids cannot cause tinnitus or any other disease. If anything, it can make tinnitus more manageable by improving the hearing. However, a tinnitus patient cannot use any hearing aid without consulting an audiologist. Others without tinnitus can use it whenever they feel like it.

        • Do I Need a Prescription to Buy MDHearingAid Products?

        MDHearingAid machines do not require a prescription, evaluation, or recommendation by an audiologist to buy. All of its machines are designed to meet individual demands. Medical experts estimate that up to 90% of people share similar hearing-related problems and can hear better with a similar technological intervention.

        There are no MDHearingAid side effects, risks, and dangers, which is why everyone can use it. The only condition to use these devices is that the user must have hearing difficulty or hearing loss.

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        • What to Do if I Don’t Like my MDHearingAid Product After Purchasing?

        The problem with online shopping is that it is hard to believe if you will find something helpful since most online products and companies are a scam. In the case of MDHearingAid, you don’t have to worry about these things. It is an established company which has a reputation in the market. There is a minimal chance that you will be disappointed by any of the MDHearingAid devices. And if that is not enough, you will be relieved to know that all MD Hearing Aid machines come with a money-back offer within 45 days of purchasing them.

        The company itself recommends to use their device for at least 21 days and see if your body has adapted it or not. In case you are unable to get its benefits, you can return the product and get your money back.

        In addition to this, the company provides a 90-day guarantee for all the defects and faulty materials inside these devices, and this duration starts from the day you receive your device. If you feel that your machine is faulty, broken, or ill-functioning, you are entitled to get a replacement without paying anything extra.

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        • How Do I Contact the MDHearingAid Contact Customer Support?

        MDHearingAid offers multiple customer support options. You can talk to them on call and ask questions regarding the warranty, product, delivery, connectivity, or any other thing directly. Their official contact number is +312-366-3899, and you can call them anytime between 8 am to 4:30 pm (CST) from Monday to Friday.

        If you don’t like a direct interaction, write your issue and email it at support@mdhearingaid.com at any time. MDHearingAid also offers free professional advice to choose a suitable product. If you need it, simply visit the official website here and contact customer support.

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