December 04, 2020

Massimiliano Stamerra Opens a New Restaurant & Pizzeria in Hollywood, FL

Massimiliano Stamerra unveils his plans for a brand new Italian Restaurant, opening in Hollywood, FL.

The world-famous chef Massimiliano Stamerra is always looking to expand his horizons and branch off into something new. To the fans' pleasure of his many delicacies, Massimiliano Stamerra recently unveiled his plans for a brand new Italian Restaurant, opening in Hollywood, FL.

Called "GIOIAEat," the classic Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria Restaurant offers a uniquely modern take on pizza, tasteful Italian cuisine, alongside specialties for gluten-free, vegan, and keto. The restaurant's leading team consists of expert chefs extensively trained to prepare food for every kind of foodie.

Regarding the opening of the new Restaurant, Massimiliano Stamerra had to say, "We did it again. A new restaurant concept where quality ingredients and conscious food preparation comes before profit, inspired by those who cherish the idea that anything is possible."

The GIOIAEat will feature over 48 specialty Italian pizzas, including some of the most sought-out flavors like Melograno (mozzarella, valerian salad, walnuts, pear, balsamic vinegar, and pomegranate) and the Deliziosa (mozzarella, basil pesto, salmon, shrimps, and pine nuts).

Among the new surprises that GIOIAEat has stored for customers is the Keto Pizza, which consists of less than 2% carbs, with 100% of the taste. A guilt-free experience for one's taste buds, it is set to become a highlight at the Hollywood Pizza place.

In addition to this, the restaurant also plans on offering "The Gioia Brunch" every Saturday and Sunday. Customers can always order a la carte, plus have the choice to taste their weekend brunch and handmade specials – all at an affordable and competitive cost. Customers can also enjoy a full wine list and lunch specials, and an assortment of delicious desserts.

About GIOIAEat:

GIOIAEat is a brand-new restaurant by world-renowned chef Massimiliano Stamerra. The pizzeria offers a traditional, modern pizza, with special considerations made for vegan, ketogenic, vegetarian, and dairy intolerant eaters. With over 48 specialty flavors and alluring new delicacies like the "Keto Pizza," the restaurant has caught many people's attention.

Massimiliano Stamerra is pleased to provide his fans with an abundance of specialties at competitive costs. With much more to come, this is just the mere beginning of the long history awaiting GIOIAEat.

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